Host SEEC 2016


The Southeastern Ecology and Evolution Conference (SEEC) is one of the most prestigious student run conferences in the Southeast.  Every year a school or biology student association volunteers to host the next years SEEC.  Interested parties should contact the host of the previous year (SEEC 2015) telling them why they should be chosen as a host.  The entire event is organized, and operated by the the volunteers who are trying to help their local school or association.

In an effort to make it easier for upcoming hosts, SEEC 2015 is providing a working website, domain name, email account, complete records of previous conferences to facilitate the smoothest possible transition between years, and our continued support.

Eleven years and going strong!  Your school can be a part of this illustrious list. Contact us TODAY at!

Previous Hosts:

Georgia Tech (2004)


University of Georgia (2005)


University of Alabama (2006)


University of Central Florida (2007)
Florida State University (2008)
University of Florida (2009)


 Georgia Tech (2010)
 Auburn University (2011)
 Clemson University (2012)
 University of Central Florida (2013)


 Georgia Southern University (2014)GSU SEEC FINAL LOGO

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