Conference Awards

Winners of the Conference awards are announced below, you will be contacted soon. Congratulations to all of our winners!

Winners for Best Oral Presentations

Undergraduate Students

  • 1st: Tori Roy
  • 2nd: Krista Hagen
  • 3rd (tie): Analee Tutterow, Bongeka Zuma

Graduate Students

  • 1st Eric Riddell
  • 2nd (tie): Charles Stephen, Louis Ambrosia
  • 3rd (tie): Matthew Faldyn, Nicole Garrison

Winners for Best Poster Winners

  • Undergraduate Winners (tie): Jonathan Odum, Tyler Stuck
  • Graduate Winners (tie): Heather Abernathy, Michael Carlo, John Draper Molly Grace Liz Johnson, Eilea Knotts, Uma Nagendra, Erin O’Reily

Winners for Best Rapid Research Talks

Undergraduate Winners

  • 1st: Kristen Riggs
  • 2nd: Siddhartha Dhakal
  • 3rd: Tyler Stuck

Graduate Winners

  • 1st (tie): Bianca Lopez, Michael Carlo
  • 2nd: Chelsea Cunard
  • 3rd: Anthony Fernando

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