Sunday Excursion

The Sunday Excursion is optional. The Excursion will begin at 12:00 on Sunday March 15, and leave from the Miller Learning Center. Groups will visit the State Botanical Garden of Georgia for a guided tour:


The State Botanical Garden of Georgia is home to a stunning range of collections, displays and trails. The Gardens include a tropical conservatory filled with stunning bromeliads, bananas, and orchids. Outdoors, the herb and physic garden is lush with familiar and exotic culinary and medicinal plants. History comes alive in the heritage garden, which is planted with symmetrical hedges and historical crops of Georgia such as tobacco, cotton, rice, and indigo. After touring the gardens, save your energy for a short hike through one of the Garden’s many five miles trails and extensive natural areas.

The excursion will be attendees of SEEC who registered for the excursion and will take place from 12:00-2:00 on Sunday, March 15. If you are registered for the field trip, please stick around following Sunday’s closing remarks for further information on attending.


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